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Voice of Interfaith @ 94.7 The Pulse: Geelong Interfaith Network

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Latest News Voice of Interfaith @ 94.7 The Pulse: Geelong Interfaith Network 01 August 2014 '94.7 The Pulse' community radio in Geelong, has given Geelong Interfaith Network a regular monthly voice to our wider community. The program, called Voice of Interfaith, is aired on the last Thursday of each month at 3pm and offers a wide variety of topics and speakers predominantly on issues of faith. Shirley Carroll, Monsignor Murray (Geelong Interfaith Chairperson), Jenny Funston, Leo (Pulse Station Manager) At times, individuals will speak about their specific faith, often coinciding with a special religious period or event being honoured from their tradition; or sharing with others on a specific topic where each is able to give their faith’s perspective. Students from Sacred Heart College who travelled to East Timor came and spoke of their experiences, while Jason Brown, a school chaplain gave a heartfelt interview of his visit to Manus Island, where he met with, spoke to and counselled many asylum seekers. Social Justice is a strong element of the Network and this is often reflected in the wonderfully engaging programs. While program content is organised approximately three months in advance, there is a great deal of leeway in what occurs, especially if current events bring to notice a topic the Network feels needs a voice for human dignity, peace or similar reasons, immediately. Events in the community calendar are also aired, such as Seniors Week, International Day of Peace, Anzac Day, while current topics such as religious education in schools, asylum seekers, indigenous and environmental issues are also great avenues to explore how faith can play an important role in decision making. Sometimes the topics may relate to how faith plays a part in a person’s career choice, music or the environment and vice versa. Peter Roberts, a thanatologist from Geelong who works mainly in St John of God hospital playing his harp for those coming to the end of life, or for premature babies, was able to give more insights, as well as playing his harp on air. These are always enriching experiences for the radio audience, giving a very positive perspective on life. Greer Lamaro and South African guests with Geelong Interfaith Network representatives. Some years ago Greer Lamaro spent a year living and doing voluntary community work in an isolated rural community in South Africa. That experience was a great journey in personal development and faith for her, and after she returned to Geelong she was interviewed on The Pulse by Monsignor Murray, as part of the interfaith hour, to share her experience. Today Greer returned to the program with nine visitors from that same community, being Luizweni and Johannesburg, in South Africa. They are on a five day mission to share in faith and cultural exchange. It was wonderful to hear them speak and share their stories and insight into their faith, culture and lives in South Africa. It was inspiring to listen and be part of this exchange. International Day of Peace was also aired with it being a worldwide event around September 21st. Jenny Funston sang an original song named 'Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Cranes', being based on the story of Sadako, (a young girl affected by leukemia after the atom bomb droppings) and the Japanese story that cranes live 1000 years and that if you are ill and fold 1000 cranes, you will get well." ‘Voice of Interfaith’ is a light shining in the monthly radio calendar, encouraging us all to honour each other, our environment, and all that exists on earth. We can express from our individuality, but remember the ONENESS of life in this sharing. For more information see: http://947thepulse.com/index.php?option=com_programguide&task=viewprogra... Jenny Funston Geelong Interfaith Network May Peace Prevail on Earth

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