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Newsletter of the Progressive Christian Network of Victoria Inc for February 2014.

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http://www.pcnvictoria.org.au/ The Progressive Christian Network of Victoria Inc. 76 Coppin Street, Malvern East, Vic 3145 Association A0048832S ABN 93 004 530 948 Newsletter editor: David Merritt THE PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN NETWORK OF VICTORIA INC. NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY 2014 http://www.pcnvictoria.org.au Email: info@pcnvictoria.org.au We rejoice in our human capacity to wonder and marvel, to appreciate, to understand connectedness, to respect diversity, to seek meaning and purpose, to rejoice, and to give thanks. We give thanks for men and women in many different cultures and times who spoke and wrote about our connectedness with each other, with all creation, and with the Source of all that exists. We give thanks for Jesus and for all religious leders whose insights and teachings about the reign of God in our midst have stood the test of time and open our eyes and minds to our bonding with the Spirit of Life and Love. Michael Morwood, Praying a New Story. 2003 Michael Morwood, Praying a New Story. 2003 The Work of Christmas By Howard Thurman When the song of the angels is stilled, When the star in the sky is gone, When the kings and princes are home, When the shepherds are back with their flock, The work of Christmas begins: To find the lost, To heal the broken, To feed the hungry, To release the prisoner, To rebuild the nations, To bring peace among brothers, To make music in the heart. Howard Thurman, The Mood of Christmas Richmond,IN: Friends United Press, 2001 Seek truth, live fully, care deeply, make a difference WestHill United Church, Toronto, Canada Website: www.westhill.net Challenges and creativity in 2014 This Newsletter brings members of PCNV the first news of programs for 2014. The Committee has listened to the responses of members to questions about priority interests in progressive Christianity. What is offered is a varied program that reflects the variety of members¡¦ interests. We are diverse people at different points on different paths exploring alternatives to traditional Christianity. That should keep our organisation interesting! The programs described in the following pages offer insights from scholars and lay people, are sometimes lectures with opportuinites to question and reflect ¡V and sometimes panels that are intrinsically diverse or workshops with increased opportunities to contribute and question. A number of the programs take up issues about how Christianity is expressed in small groups and local churches and the frequent disconnect between what is offered and our lives. You will tell us later in the year whether we have found a satisfactory balance between being general and impractical (¡§They should change what they do¡¨) and being local and practical (¡§We can change how we experience Christianity¡¨). The draft program will develop but we hope it stimulates your interest. Newsletter of the Progressive Christian Network of Victoria Inc. Emerging Church 2014 Join people from various congregations and denominations, plus those who no longer attend regular worship, as we consider what it means to follow The Way of Jesus This year¡¦s gatherings will look to the Beatitudes for guidance in becoming equipped as followers of Jesus THIS IS FOR YOU ¡±„X Commencing on February 16, join us on the third Sunday of each month, February to November. ¡±„X The gatherings include music, images, reflections and silence, in a safe place for sharing. ¡±„X They are led by a team of lay and ordained people. ¡±„X They are followed by a shared light (BYO) meal. ¡±„X Time: 5:00 ¡V 6:30pm including meal. Venue: Manningham Uniting Church, Andersons Creek Road Site, 152 Andersons Creek Road, East Doncaster. Melway 34 E6 Further information email Lorraine: parki@netspace.net.au or call 9852 2158 One thing we have learned in our contemporary world is that while we can speak for ourselves and define what is true for us, we cannot do it for everyone and for all time because we are forever limited by the relativity of our own culture, worldview, and knowledge. The grand old days of universal truths are gone, even though we might, in faith, still clutch some that seem almost universal and certainly work for us. Val Webb, Like Catching Water in a Net. Human Attempts to Describe the Divine. Continuum. New York. 2007. Page 210 The Centre for Faith Life and Learning Inc. presents a study series on the book ¡§Stepping out with the Sacred. Human Attempts to Engage the Divine¡¨ by Dr Val Webb Led by Lesley Taylor, Di Kay and Rev Andrew Boyle using study material prepared by Dr Carolyn Sutherland When: Thusdays at 7.30pm: March 6, 13, 20, 27 & April 3. Where: East Doncaster Baptist Church 47 Tunstall Rd, East Doncaster Cost: $40 or $10 per session including study material. Bookings: Tel 9842 8466 Email: centrefaithlifelearning@gmail.com ____________________________________ Islamic Museum Australia¡¦s first Islamic Museum has opened in Melbourne. It aims to provide an insight into the Australian Muslim experience. There are galleries about Islamic Faith, Islamic art, Islamic contribution to civilisation, Islamic architecture and Australian Muslim history. Address: 15A Anderson Rd, Thornbury Vic 3071 Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 10am to 4pm. Friday 10am to 9pm. Website: www.islamicmuseum.org.au ____________________________________ ¡¥Eco-Faith: Nurturing the Earth Future Dimensions V Conference Friday evening 23 May to Sunday evening 25 May At The Chapel by the Sea, Bondi Beach, NSW More information: www.chapelbythesea.unitingchurch.org.au The Progressive Christian Network of Victoria PROGRAM FOR 2014 SUNDAY 23 FEB: ¡§The relevance of Jesus for us today¡¨ Panel Glen Iris Road Uniting Church. 3.00pm to 5.00pm SUNDAY 30 MARCH: ¡§The NZ Hymnwriters and a Progressive theology ¡¨ CHORAL WORKSHOP with The NZ Hymnbook Trust North Balwyn Uniting Church. 3.00pm to 5.00pm SUNDAY 4 MAY: ¡§Sex in the 1st and 21st Centuries: Chasm and Connection¡¨ Professor Bill Loader Glen Iris Road Uniting Church. 3.00pm to 5.00pm SUNDAY 25 MAY: ¡§How we can change our experience of Christianity¡¨ An introduction to the influential book, ¡§Christianity after Religion. The end of church and the birth of a new spiritual awakening¡¨ by Diana Butler Bass and the launch of a two month period to encourage and resource groups to explore two selected issues and contribute responses. Glen Iris Road Uniting Church. 3.00pm to 5.00pm SUNDAY 22 JUNE: ¡§Imagination, vision and spirituality. Avoiding the pitfalls of progressive religious thought.¡¨ Professor David Tacey Glen Iris Road Uniting Church. 3.00pm to 5.00pm SUNDAY 27 JULY: Being negotiated SUNDAY 24 AUGUST: ¡§How we can change our experience of Christianity¡¨ Meeting 2. Reports of proposals from groups and a process to identify strategies for desirable changes. Glen Iris Road Uniting Church. 3.00pm to 5.00pm SEPTEMBER: Visit to Australia of Bernard Brandon Scott Dates being negotiated OCTOBER: Being negotiated NOVEMBER: Being negotiated The Progressive Christian Network of Victoria invites you to ¡§The relevance of Jesus for us today¡¨ with April Robinson, Alys Gagnon, and Laura Cregan A panel of people with with diverse professional backgrounds offer contemporary perspectives on Jesus with the emphasis on experience WHEN: Sunday 23 February 2014 3.00pm to 5.00pm WHERE: Glen Iris Road Uniting Church, Glen Iris Road near the corner with High Street Road Melway Map 60 A9. Parking in church grounds and the street. APRIL ROBINSON: Jesus as Spiritual Guide: What Jesus might mean in the contemporary pluralistic world? April notes that it¡¦s often easier knowing what you don¡¦t want, rather than what you do. With two young children, she started a degree in psychology but quickly learnt that was not what she wanted and found her place in community development. Now through her Interfaith Relationships role with Uniting Church and her honours study, she has the opportunity to work in and research those places where race, religion, culture and identity meet in understanding ourselves. She works with a range of different media, melding poetry and performance with the esoteric and pragmatic, creating spaces for not only herself but others to explore and communicate how we understand ourselves, those around us and the communities in which we live. ALYS GAGNON: Jesus as Social Prophet: Jesus and ¡§son of God¡¨ metaphors; Can they still be a useful model for how to act justly in the current World? Alys is a campaigner and organiser with over a decade of experience in progressive politics. This included work for State and Federal Labor MPs, and over five years in the National headquarters of the ALP. In 2013 she worked as a National Organiser on the Federal Election campaign, with responsibility for the ground campaigns in two states. Alys is a lifelong Anglican who now works for the Uniting Church, Justice and International Mission in a role that, hand in hand with church members, lobbies and campaigns on social justice issues, both local and international and targeting Governments and corporate organisations. LAURA CREGAN: Jesus as Movement Maker: Does the emphasis on Jesus detract from sense of Divinity in us all? Does Jesus keep getting in the way of what Jesus really has to offer? Laura is currently a School Liaison worker with the Uniting Church in Melbourne. She came to Melbourne in January last year from Wollongong where she worked as a Child Youth and Family worker. Prior to this, in Newcastle, Laura worked in a range of capacities with at risk children, youth and families including School Chaplaincy in the Public School sector, casework and residential care work with teenagers in out of home care. Laura has also worked on a range of programs such as helping early leavers; a program for teenagers who have been removed from School, School mentoring with the Catholic Schools office and is a facilitator for children and young people with the Season for Growth program assisting individuals with grief and loss. Laura is currently a student at the School for Social Entrepreneurs in Melbourne where she is developing a project for teenagers in out of Home Care. Her faith background has included involvement with Catholic, Pentecostal and Uniting Churches. Laura completed her Undergraduate degree in Social Work from Newcastle University and her Masters degree in Theology through the Sydney College of Divinity. PCNV meeting cost is $7 ($5 for members) The Progressive Christian Network of Victoria invites you to ¡§The NZ Hymnwriters and a Progressive Theology¡¨ with Gillian and John Thornley Co-managers of the NZ Hymnbook Trust and Bruce Steele AM, Music Director, North Balwyn Uniting Church A workshop with collective singing using a takeaway handout of song words, listening to music, and discussion WHEN: Sunday 30 March 2014 3.00pm to 5.00pm WHERE: North Balwyn Uniting Church, 17 ¡V 21 Duggan Street, North Balwyn Melway Map 46 F3. Parking in church grounds and the street. A 21st century church needs contemporary hymns, songs and carols that address a secular world. NZ hymnwriters and musicians give expression to a ¡¥progressive theology¡¦ in their four books: Hope is our Song ¡V 156 hymns, songs, carols Faith Forever Singing ¡V 80 hymns, songs Alleluia Aotearoa ¡V 163 hymns and songs Carol our Christmas ¡V 54 carols The workshop introduces this rich source of words and music (focusing on ¡§Hope is our Song¡¨ the latest collection) with opportunities to sing a selection of about 17 songs and talk about their use. Copies of the publications and related CDs will be available for purchase at the workshop. Workshop cost is $7 ($5 for members)