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Newsletter from the Parliament of Religions. 2011, Dec. 9th

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The Parliament Newsletter
Launching On Common Ground 2.0
by Whittney Barth

Dr. Diana Eck and the Pluralism Project are updating their award-winning resource to explore the religious diversity of the United States. The first edition of On Common Ground: World Religions in America was released as a CD-ROM in 1996, providing teachers, students, and scholars with an innovative interactive resource in three parts: “America’s Many Religions,” “A New Religious Landscape,” and “Encountering Religious Diversity.”

The Pluralism Project is now poised to launch On Common Ground 2.0 (OCG 2.0), a web-based version of this time-tested pedagogical structure.

Click here to read the full article

Collaboration to Launch
New Program for Informal Interreligious Education

State of Formation
, an international network for young religious leaders, is collaborating with Claremont Lincoln University to develop a pilot program for informal interreligious education.

  We Talk About HIV/AIDS Because...

We talk about HIV/AIDS Because...
 Parliament Webinar Series
Ending Poverty: Practical Steps for Those Inspired by Their Faith

Katherine Marshall
December 14, 2011
10:00am U.S. Central Time 

Katherine Marshall
Senior Fellow Register Now
Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs

This webinar will address spiritual and practical imperatives that emerge from the intersections of religion and development. We now approach the culmination of the Millennium Development Goal challenge set in the year 2000. What are the successes, flops, and challenges we must face to create greater equity in our communities and around the world? Learn More...

Why the World Needs Religious Studies
by Nathan Schneider

The first time I went to the American Academy of Religion conference it really got my hopes up. This was the fall of 2006 and, with only a summer in between, I’d just finished college and begun my first year of a PhD program in religious studies.

  Do the Crusades Still Matter?
by Jay Rubenstein

On July 15, 1099, a few thousand European soldiers broke through the walls of Jerusalem and massacred its garrison. At the time, everyone involved saw this moment in apocalyptic terms, and the memory won't go away.

Latest from
State of Formation

Voices of Emerging Leaders

Rose Aslan Looking Beyond "All-American Muslim"
by Rose Aslan
Kari Aanestad Church of Depression: Negative Cognitions and a Fundamentalist Theology of Sin
by Kari Aanestad
Phillipe Copeland ‘Tis the Season to Consume
by Phillipe Copeland
Lauren Tuchman Torah Study As a Spiritual Practice
by Lauren Tuchman
  Program Highlight:

Parliament Webinar Series

Katherine Marshall, Christopher Peters, Abdul Malik Mujahid, Alon Goshen-Gottstein, Ahmed Rehab, Ishmael Noko, Clare Butterfield.

The Parliament Webinar Series brings them directly to you. Engage with top leaders in the interreligious movement through thoughtful discussions, inspiring stories, and practical trainings for interreligious work. Click here to register for the next webinar or watch previous webinars.

It's one more way the Council creates opportunities for people from vastly different backgrounds—from all over the world—to come together.

Your support makes it all possible. Make a gift today!

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