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Book: Peter Roberts - Harpist

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Dear Friends,

Peter Robert's new CD 'Night Song' and book 'The Harp and the Ferryman' are now available. I happily promised Peter I would let people know about this, so all can be inspired.

Many of you are familiar with his work as a music thanatologist, trained specifi
cally to play the harp for people facing life-threatening illness. University research on his work with the dying and premature babies has presented evidence to support the assertion that music is therapeutic and that it heals in the broadest sense of the word.

 Aside from this, he brings a beautiful, caring, intuitive personality to all he does, engendering a trust and deepening inner peace within those he works with closely day to day.

This is his story along with that of Helen Cox, Emeritus Professor in the Faculty of Health at Deakin University and Director of the Institute of Music in Medicine.

If you don't know about Peter, I strongly encourage you to have a look at his website as it if filled with gems, including music samples. Some of you may have seen the ABC production of 'Australian Story' a few years back that featured Peter.

I use a CD of Peter's called 'Sanctuary' every night as a soothing, gentle encouragement to inner peace and sleep. When I travel, Peter's harp music and voice are always with me. I am someone who doesn't listen to specific music over and over, often choosing silence instead. Peter's music touches me differently and deeply at a soul level and I know I've played this CD thousands of times; quite a statement really!

I have listened to the new CD 'Night Song' and love it. I have read part of the new book and already been in tears as it touched my heart and soul on a deep level within the first few pages. I hope some of you discover the joy of both for yourselves.

Infinite delight, peace, inner joy and possibilities,
Jenny  (*0*)

May peace prevail on earth


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May peace prevail on earth

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